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The Practice tests and Mock tests are conducted online for Objective Type Questions - CSAT (Prelims) as well as for Essay Type Questions - General Studies, Essay and Optional Subjects of the Main examination. For Essay Type tests, question papers are sent by email. Students have to monitor the time for solving the question while responding and send the scanned answer sheets back to us by email to be evaluated by the faculty Feedbacks are given based on the performance of the student and possible solutions are discussed during the virtual classroom session after the test is over. Our intelligent evaluation software can predict your possible All-India Rank based on your performance with 99% accuracy at the end of each Mock Test for CSAT (Prelim) courses.


Start DateAccessible Till DateTopic NameTest Type
1-Feb-2012 7-Feb-2012EcologyPractice
1-Feb-2012 7-Feb-2012EconomyPractice
1-Feb-2012 7-Feb-2012Current AffairsPractice
5-Feb-2012 11-Feb-2012Quantitative AptitudePractice
5-Feb-2012 11-Feb-2012Decision MakingPractice
5-Feb-2012 11-Feb-2012Analytical ReasoningPractice
8-Feb-2012 14-Feb-2012CSAT-IMock Test
8-Feb-2012 14-Feb-2012CSAT-IIMock Test
15-Feb-2012 21-Feb-2012Data InterpretationPractice
15-Feb-2012 21-Feb-2012English ComprehensionPractice
15-Feb-201221-Feb-2012General Mental AbilityPractice
19-Feb-2012 25-Feb-2012Data InterpretationPractice
19-Feb-2012 25-Feb-2012English ComprehensionPractice
19-Feb-2012 25-Feb-2012General Mental AbilityPractice
22-Feb-2012 28-Feb-2012Data InterpretationPractice
22-Feb-201228-Feb-2012English ComprehensionPractice
22-Feb-2012 28-Feb-2012General Mental AbilityPractice
26-Feb-2012 3-Mar-2012CSAT-IMock Test
26-Feb-2012 3-Mar-2012CSAT-IIMock Test

Start DateAccessible Till DateTopic NameTest Type
4-Mar-2012 6-Mar-2012Current AffairsPractice
4-Mar-2012 6-Mar-2012Ecology & EconomyPractice
4-Mar-2012 6-Mar-2012Polity, History & GeographyPractice
7-Mar-2012 13-Mar-2012Quantitative AptitudePractice
7-Mar-2012 13-Mar-2012Decision MakingPractice
7-Mar-2012 13-Mar-2012Analytical ReasoningPractice
11-Mar-2012 17-Mar-2012Data InterpretationPractice
11-Mar-2012 17-Mar-2012English ComprehensionPractice
11-Mar-2012 17-Mar-2012General Mental AbilityPractice
14-Mar-2012 20-Mar-2012CSAT-IMock Test
14-Mar-2012 20-Mar-2012CSAT-IIMock Test
21-Mar-2012 27-Mar-2012Current AffairsPractice
21-Mar-2012 27-Mar-2012Ecology & EconomyPractice
21-Mar-2012 27-Mar-2012Polity, History & GeographyPractice
25-Mar-2012 31-Mar-2012Quantitative AptitudePractice
25-Mar-2012 31-Mar-2012Decision MakingPractice
25-Mar-2012 31-Mar-2012Analytical ReasoningPractice
28-Mar-2012 3-Apr-2012Data InterpretationPractice
28-Mar-2012 3-Apr-2012English ComprehensionPractice
28-Mar-2012 3-Apr-2012General Mental AbilityPractice

Start DateAccessible Till DateTopic NameTest Type
1-Apr-2012 7-Apr-2012CSAT-IMock Test
1-Apr-2012 7-Apr-2012CSAT-IIMock Test
4-Apr-2012 10-Apr-2012CSAT-IMock Test
4-Apr-2012 10-Apr-2012CSAT-IIMock Test
8-Apr-2012 14-Apr-2012CSAT-IMock Test
8-Apr-2012 14-Apr-2012CSAT-IIMock Test
11-Apr-2012 17-Apr-2012CSAT-IMock Test
11-Apr-2012 17-Apr-2012CSAT-IIMock Test
15-Apr-201221-Apr-2012CSAT-IMock Test
15-Apr-2012 21-Apr-2012CSAT-IIMock Test
18-Apr-2012 24-Apr-2012CSAT-IMock Test
18-Apr-2012 24-Apr-2012CSAT-IIMock Test
22-Apr-2012 28-Apr-2012CSAT-IMock Test
22-Apr-2012 28-Apr-2012CSAT-IIMock Test
25-Apr-2012 1-May-2012CSAT-IMock Test
25-Apr-2012 1-May-2012CSAT-IIMock Test
29-Apr-2012 5-May-2012CSAT-IMock Test
29-Apr-2012 5-May-2012CSAT-IIMock Test





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