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Course Summary

Course Fee: Rs. 40,000 -/-
Contact For any further queries regarding the course, contact
Phone: +91 9000018804

Joining the course

  • Students can register as a regular user for any of the courses offered by IESGATE.COM by making the full payment for the course online.
  • As a regular user, students can
    • Participate in virtual classroom sessions and directly interact with the faculty and students during the online coaching classes.
    • Gain access to the Comprehensive Question Bank until the final examination.
    • Gain access to the pre-recorded videos of the registered courses until the final examination.
    • Participate in the Practice / Mock tests conducted during the course.
  • Registered students would receive intimation about the scheduled virtual classroom sessions on their registered mobile and email ids. Further, an automated reminder would be sent to the registered mobile number 10 minutes before the online session.


Package Details

Our Comprehensive Coaching Package includes expert coaching for the following courses:

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  • Please fill here


  • Unlimited access to the CSAT (Prelims) Question Bank (Objective Type tests) along with solutions. The question bank is accessible over Smartphones.
  • Access to the recorded online coaching sessions (for eligible number of views) for future reference for each course until the final examination of that year.
  • Regular and timely assessment through Practice and Mock tests for each course.
  • Access to the Comprehensive Study Material prepared by IESGATE.COM for each course.
  • Special Coaching on qualifying for the Interview (Selection – Level III).




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- Chandan Kumar Singh, Reservoir Engineer Reliance Industries Ltd., Mumbai




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