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Before you start the application process, you must:

  1. Ensure that you are Eligible for GATE.
  2. Determine the GATE paper you wish to appear for. (You can appear in only one paper for GATE).
  3. Choose at least two cities that are convenient for you to write the exam.

In addition, please note that:

  1. The Application for appearing in GATE must be made ONLINE ONLY.
  2. Details for applying ONLINE are also available on the Zonal Websites of IISc and the seven IITs.
  3. Your choice of exam paper will determine the examination type (online / offline), date, and choice of available cities.
  4. The sale of application forms through banks / GATE office counters has been discontinued.





The GATE Online Applicant Interface is provided for most of applicant’s interaction with the GATE office. This interface will send a few mails to the applicants on important information related to the GATE examination

The login to this interface is through your chosen email address and a password.  Keep this information safe and do not disclose the email id and password to anyone. All users already registered should Enable few Browser and Email Settings to ensure receipt of future emails.

With this interface the applicant can

  1. Apply for the examination online.
  2. Upload Photograph, Signature, and Supporting Documents. The GATE Online Applicant Interface requires that copies of your photograph and signature be uploaded as an electronic file at the time of submitting your application. Uploading photographs or signatures that do not meet specifications can result in disqualification of the application without any refund of the fee.
  3. Make Application Fee Payment preferably through Online Netbanking.
  4. Check the Status of your Application Form: (Received, Under Scrutiny, Rejected after Scrutiny failed,  Accepted after Successful Scrutiny, Admit Card Ready for Download, etc.)
  5. Contact the GATE office in case of any queries / problems (Grievance Redressal).
  6. Download Admit Card.
  7. View your Answers, Marks and GATE Score.


Please pay attention to upload good quality photographs.  Poor quality of photographs submitted will lead to rejection of your GATE application, without any refund of the application fees. The GATE Score Card will be printed with the photograph you submit.

  1. The photograph must be in colour and must be taken in a professional studio.  
  2. Photographs taken using a mobile phone and other self composed portraits are NOT acceptable.
  3. Photograph must be taken in a White or a very light background.
  4. The photograph must have been taken after 1st June of the year of submitting the application form.
  5. Face should occupy about 50% of the area in the photograph, and with a full face view looking into the camera directly.
  6. The main features of the face must not be covered by hair of the head, any cloth or any shadow.
  7. Forehead, both eyes,  nose, cheeks, lip, and chin should be clearly visible.
  8. If you normally wear spectacles, glare on glasses is not acceptable in your photo. Glare can be avoided with a slight downward tilt of the glasses for the photo shoot.
  9. You must not wear spectacles with dark or tinted glasses, only clear glasses are permitted.
  10. Ask your photo studio to provide the image in a JPEG format and also on a standard 4.5 cm x 3.5cm print
  11. Maximum pixel resolution for JPEG: 640×480 (0.3 Mega pixel) (Ask your studio to reduce it to this resolution if it is higher)
  12. Minimum pixel resolution for JPEG: 320 x 240.
  13. The maximum file size is 200 kB (kilo bytes).
  14. For your own benefit, it may be prudent not to intentionally change your facial features or hair style as in the photograph until the day of the exam.


  1. Please put your signature with a black or dark blue ink on a white paper.
  2. Get the signature digitally photographed / image scanned by a professional photo studio, and get the image cropped by the studio itself.
  3. Only JPEG image formats will be accepted.
  4. The maximum pixel resolution for the image is 800 x 300.
  5. The minimum pixel resolution for the image is  400 x 150.
  6. Mobile phone photographs of signatures are not acceptable, and can result in disqualification of the application without any refund of the fee.


Supporting documents need not be attested, photocopies are sufficient.  This year, applicants have an option to upload supporting documents online. Please make sure that the Max file size permitted per file is 0.5 MB

For scanning the documents, please use the following setting:

  1. Resolution: 200 dpi
  2. Colour mode: 256 colors (all scanners support this, and gives the minimum size at a given resolution)
  3. File format: PDF or JPEG


Eligibility criteria and necessary supporting documents can be found here.


Candidates who have to submit a certificate from their Principal, have to obtain a signature from their principal on a certificate that will be printed on the application PDF file provided only after completion of Online Application Submission. Therefore,  this cannot be scanned and uploaded online.


Candidates who have appeared in the final semester / year exam in the previous year, but with a backlog (arrears / failed subjects) in any of the papers in their qualifying degree should submit

  1. A copy of any one of the marks sheets of the final year,  (OR)
  2. A letter from the principal indicating that the student has a backlog  from an earlier semester / year to be cleared, and therefore cannot produce a course completion certificate now.  This certificate will also be present in the last portion of the PDF application form provided to you after you Submit Application Online.

SC / ST CERTIFICATE (For male candidates seeking fee redemption), PD CERTIFICATE (For candidates seeking assistance of scribes)

  • Only male applicants who claim to be in any of the category SC / ST / PD have to produce valid documentary evidence, to qualify for the reduced fee.
  • Male applicants who require a scribe to assist writing the exam, also need to provide a valid PD certificate.
  • Female applicants need not provide any SC / ST certificate, as the fee is exempted.
  • However, if any female applicant requests a scribe to assist writing the exam, a PD certificate has to be provided.

Authorities empowered to issue SC/ST Certificates :

  • District Magistrate / Additional District Magistrate / Collector / Deputy Collector/ Deputy Commissioner / Additional Deputy Commissioner / 1st Class Stipendiary Magistrate / City Magistrate / Sub-Divisional Magistrate / Taluk Magistrate / Executive Magistrate / Extra Assistant Commissioner.
  • Chief Presidency Magistrate / Additional Chief Presidency Magistrate / Presidency Magistrate.
  • Revenue Officer not below the rank of Tashildar.
  • Sub-Divisional Officer of the area where the Candidate and / or her / his family normally resides.
  • Administrator / Secretary to Administrator / Development Officer (Lakshadweep Islands).
  • Certificate issued by any other official will not be accepted.

PD Category:

In order to avail concession under PD category, the candidates should attach a recently obtained proper PD certificate, which shall be required to be submitted to the admitting institution at the time of admission. The onus of verifying PD certificate lies with the admitting institute. The GATE committee will not be responsible for any incorrect declaration of the PD status of candidates.



  1. You must first register yourself in the GATE Online Applicant Interface by providing a valid email address.  
  2. Choose this carefully to be the one you check frequently, as all communications to you from the GATE offices will be sent to this address.
  3. Do not use anybody else’s email address;
  4. Only one person can register with one email address.
  5. Upon registration, an email will be sent with a link.
  6. You will be required to choose a password when you click on the link.
  7. Choose a password that is not easily guessable (should not be, for example: your name, DOB, 12345, asdf, etc.), so as to ensure that the data you provide is not accessible to any person other than yourself.


  1. Next you will see an application form to be filled in.  Keep the following information ready:
    1. Personal information
    2. Communication Address (Important: PIN Code)
    3. Eligibility Degree Details (College address, PIN Code of College)
    4. GATE Paper
    5. Choice of GATE Examination Cities
    6. High quality image of  your Photograph.
    7. Good quality image of your Signature (in .jpeg format).
    8. Optional: PDF/JPEG files of Supporting Documents (Eligibility Documents & Category Certificates) (Max file size: per file 0.5 MB;)
    9. Optional: Your Netbanking login and password to make the Application Fee Payment (only for Male applicants).


  1. Fill in the necessary data in the online application form following instructions given there.
  2. Upload the required soft copies of Photo and Signature.
  3. Optional: You may upload PDF files of Supporting Documents conforming to the Eligibility (except principal’s certificate) and Category Requirements in the "Supporting Documents" section.
  4. You will have to select one of the two Payment Options while filling the online form.
  5. The GATE Online Applicant Interface allows you to enter data, “Save” partially filled form, “Logout”, and resume filling in by logging in again.
  6. Before you make the payment, you will be shown a "Preview" of your application, where you have to carefully check for any errors.
  7. Once you finally submit the application, no further changes to the application can be made by the applicant.
  8. Applicants who have selected Online Payment Option will follow the instructions given below for Online Netbanking in payment section and complete payment process. Those who have selected Challan Payment Option will directly proceed to the next step.


  1. You will then see a link to “Download filled Application”.  
  2. You have to download a PDF file from this link and print it.
  3. The pdf file will contain four pages as mentioned below
    1. Page 1: Instructions and Address slip where you need to send hard copy
    2. Page 2-3: Two copies of application form with bottom part showing certificate to be
    signed by principal (if need be)
    3. Page 4:
  4. The pdf file will contain two pages as mentioned below


Non-refundable application fee is charged only for male applicants. Female applicants are exempted from the payment of application fee.  

All charges given below are in Indian Rupees.

Category Mode Application Fee (Rs.) Bank Charges (Rs.) Total to be Paid (Rs.)
Male General/OBC-NC Online Netbanking 1200 10* 1210*
Canara Bank Challan 1200 20 1220
SBI Challan 1200 25 1225
Male SC/ST/PD Online Netbanking 600 10* 610*
Canara Bank Challan 600 20 620
SBI Challan 600 25 625
Female No Application Fee, as required by MHRD, Govt. of India.

* - Standard Government charges and service tax are extra, and the netbanking interface will show these additional charges.


  1. From the GATE Online Applicant Interface, you will be redirected to a bank you choose.
  2. You will have to login with your bank's Netbanking (or Internet Banking) user ID and password.
  3. The fee amount and bank charges will be shown to you, and you have to confirm that the payment is for GATE.
  4. Once you confirm, you will be redirected back to the GATE Online Application Interface.
  5. If you have some difficulty (due to internet connection or power failure), and you are not sure if you have made the payment,  please login back to GATE Online Application Interface and Check the Status of the Payment.  You can also check the status in your bank.
  6. In case the fee amount has been debited from your bank account but not reached GATE, then the money will be credited back to your account within three working days.
  7. In such a case, you may initiate a fresh payment from the GATE Online Interface, even without waiting for the money to be credited back to your account, so that your application is submitted to GATE office on time.  
  8. You may also switch to Offline Challan Payments if need be.


  1. If you had chosen offline payment option while filling in the form, you will be provided with a copy of the challan in triplicate (PDF file) with your details filled in.
  2. You have to print it out on an A4 paper, and have to fill in a few more details such as date and signature.
  3. You have to wait for at least 48 hours after generation of application PDF online and then take filled challan to the bank for payment of fees. 
  4. You may take the challan to any branch of the bank you opted: Canara Bank / SBI  and make application fees payment. You do not need to have an account in that branch.
  5. The bank teller will verify the details printed on the challan with the data available at the bank and then accept the payment.
  6. Note that your payment will NOT be accepted if you go to bank earlier than 48 hrs as mentioned above. This is because it will take some time after application PDF has been generation online to reflect the data in respective bank's system.
  7. The bank will retain one copy and give you back the remaining two copies: one of which you have to send along with the printed application form and the other one is for your reference.


The printed application form along with the documents must be mailed by speed post to the Zonal office, as mentioned in the printed address slip that comes along with the PDF file of the application form.


Before mailing, the following procedures need to be completed.

  1. Out of the printed pages, keep one copy of application form (page 2) for your reference and process the other copy as follows.
    1. Paste a Colour Photograph of yourself, and read the declaration and put your full Signature in black ink, in appropriate boxes provided.
    2. This photograph and signature should EXACTLY match the one in the photograph file uploaded electronically to the GATE Online Applicant Interface; your application is liable to be rejected otherwise.
    3. Do not pin, sign, or attest the photograph.
    4. You must sign in the box provided.
    5. In case Principal's Certificate happens to be proof of your Eligibility, Submit the whole page (without cutting it) to your College principal's office.
    6. Bottom portion of the form contains the part that your college principal has to certify.
    7. Once you obtain principal's signature and stamp, this is ready to go in application packet to be sent.
  2. If you had paid the application fee by Challan, bank would have returned you stamped GATE copy of challan. Keep it ready to go in application packet to be sent.
  3. You will also find half page of instruction and half page address slip.  
  4. Cut this address slip, which contains the address of the Zonal office (along with application bar code), where the application form needs to be posted to.
  5. Make sure you are ready with the following CHECK LIST:
    1. The signed application form (with photograph affixed) with, the Principal's Certificate if that is proof of your Eligibility to appear in GATE.
    2. Other Eligibility Documents to appear for GATE (degree certificate), only in case PDF files of these are NOT uploaded to online interface.
    3. Category certificate for claiming discounted application fee in case PDF files of these are NOT uploaded to online interface.
    4. PD certificate if you request for a scribe assistance.
    5. GATE copy of Challan duly stamped by the bank after payment of fees (you need not submit challan in case of payment by net banking, as these details will be filled in).

MAILING PROCEDURE (Sending through Speed Post / Registered Post)

  1. Use A4 sized envelope and put application form along with other documents mentioned in the CHECK LIST above.
  2. Do NOT FOLD the application form and Do NOT STAPLE or pin the documents.
  3. Do not fill address by hand, as the address slip provided contains a special codes necessary for processing your application. 
  4. Note that the codes on these address slips are different for each applicant.
  5. DO NOT use someone else's address slip for your application.
  6. Secure the address slip firmly to the envelope using good glue or with additional transparent sticky tape (cello-tape).
  7. Send the packet by Speed Post (preferably) or by Registered Post to the address mentioned. 
  8. The application packet should REACH the respective GATE offices on or before the last date of submission of the application form. 
  9. Alternatively, it can also be handed over personally to the respective Zonal GATE Office on or before the last date of submission of the application form.
  10. Applications reaching respective offices later than the last date of submission of the application form may not be considered even if they are post marked on or before the last date of submission of the application form.
  11. If you had uploaded the Supporting Documents online, you should post only the application form page (with Principal's Certification if applicable).  There is no need to post the paper copies of other documents.


Current status of your application will be updated after receipt and scrutinizing of your application by respective GATE offices. This status can be checked anytime by logging onto your GATE Online Applicant Interface.


Zone 1 - Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru

Zone 2 - Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay

Zone 3 - Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi

Zone 4 - Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati

Zone 5 - Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur

Zone 6 - Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur

Zone 7 - Indian Institute of Technology, Madras

Zone 8 - Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee


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