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    Classes By Venkanna Sir
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Venkanna Vemana
DIRECTOR'S PROFILE: Mr Venkanna Vemana,Who graduated from NIT Warangal in the Year 2003, In the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Mr Venkanna, is consistently topped his academics and he got 99.45 Percentile in Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE-2003) and 99.1 Percentile in GATE-2004 and proved that if a student is good at the FUNDAMENTALS, he will be consistently performs excellent both in academics and Entrance/Competetive Exams. He was one of the Topper in MATHEMATICS OLYMPIYAD - 2003 at graduate level and has done Extensive reasearch in the Field of Binomial Expansion with the application of Finet Differrences and Derived a new formulae for sum of powers of natural numbers. After his graduation, he worked in the field of VLSI Design for 5 years and then left for his own passion on teaching for Civil Service Examination(IAS Exam) for MATHEMATICS optional subject and ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Optional for young graduates, and has produced Many IAS Rankers including AIR - 21, AIR-103 and many more. With a strong experience of Teaching Mathematics for about 15 years,he has done an extensive reasearch on training students for Competetive Exams and extended his services to IIT-JEE and NEET Exams along with IAS Exam.

A WORD FROM VENKANNA VEMANA : After a carefull study of 15years in teaching,I realised that, a student at the early age of 7th std - 12th std, can equire far more knowldege than a graduate, his thinking ability is far higher and for a mentor, it is easy to train and give a strong impression of Fundamental concepts. But after equiring a preset wrong fundamental concepts, it will be very tough to erase the wrong concepts from a graduate and to retrain. If a student at the age of 7th std - 12 std,is getting trained by a MENTOR with a STRONG KNOWLEDGE, he can crack IIT-JEE/NEET or IAS exam very easily and it is quite possible.And I strongly feel it is a shortcut to the SUCCESS. In one word,

"You give me your child, I will show his talent to the world."

OUR APPROACH : We train the students on the Fundamental concepts rather than the number of problems he solve, as we belive if a student is clear on the concept, he will be able to solve any kind of problems related to that concept. We believe in giving daily Assignments/Exams to find out where he is lacking and clearing doubts in that area and do a re-exam. We believe in a long term approach to all competetive exams, so we start at 7th Std, and train the students till +2, where he will be really attempting the exam and will be there with him to make him clear the exam. To stay in touch with the students any time, there will be a mobile group, where all the faculty and students will be members and any subject doubt can be posted and get it clarified.

BLACKBOARD (CHALK & TALK-ONLINE) TEACHING : Studies proved that Actual Teaching happens by FACE EXPRESSIONS and HAND MOVEMENTS , rather than training online by a white board class. So, We strongly belive "CHALK and TALK" which is an authentic and proved teaching methodology for thousands of years. So, We teach on conventional methodology, with the aid of technology.Also, We learnt from the society that usally an experienced authentic teacher is not comfortable in teaching by sitting at computer. But with our state of the art technology, we are bringing an authentic and experienced teacher with CHALK and TALK method of teaching online.
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